Ms. Sylvia Lau

Ms. Sylvia Lau left the business world to realize her mission of helping the youth find their fit in the world through her passion for teaching. She saw the talent that the youth possessed and wanted to create opportunities for them to reach their full potential through creating a positive impact in the community and the world at large. It was this passion and vision that led to the humble beginnings of the Windermere Marketing Group! 


Once upon a time, WMG consisted of 7 students laying the foundation for today’s sophisticated team of approximately 60+. They simply started with opening up a school store and contributed the proceeds to benefit students through scholarships. Today, she is so proud of how prolific WMG has become and all that it has provided to this community and city. From networking and informative post-secondary events to offering scholarships and grants to students...from managing community/city-wide events to providing essentials for less fortunate families...it was a dream come true!


Throughout the years, she fostered a safe and inclusive community where she encouraged and guided WMG students to use their business acumen to create positive change, seek out experiences in the community to further develop/refine their skills and knowledge, while learning more about themselves and to always “pay it forward”.  When asked what was her favorite part of sponsoring WMG, she shares that it has always been to watch her students grow into the authentic and accomplished people they were always meant to be!