Pitch Competition

        The Pitch Competition brings together students from Marketing 11/ 12, and Innovative Business Strategies. Students will compete in pairs or individually and pitch an unknown product, company, or service to a panel of judges. The topic will be given on the spot and teams will only get a few moments to think before their pitch. Best of luck to all participating students!

First judge:

Nicholas K. Ning

     "I am currently a senior executive in business development for Western Union Business. Prior to that I worked as a fashion designer in London and Paris, chef, marketing coordinator, and robotics engineer. I never graduated university, but during my time there, I placed first in the 2014 JDC West competition for entrepreneurship as well as 1st for the UBC Physics design competition."

Second judge:

TK Chisvo

     As a proud JDC West delegate for the Entrepreneurship team and an Enactus nationals presenter for this year, TK has poured countless hours in perfecting a presentation style that is unique and impactful. Throughout his university career, he helped co-found Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs (FLE) Think Tank which is bringing together African entrepreneurs and change-makers from around the world for the purpose of leveraging each others networks and industry knowledge. As an entrepreneurship activator at Radius SFU, he promotes entrepreneurship and change-making opportunities available at SFU.

Third judge:

Tom Kadota

     Tom is a four-time delegate with SFU JDC West; having experience on the Social, Executive and Entrepreneurship teams, he has honed his presentation and leadership skillset to ultimately become the Co-Captain of the SFU team. Through his experiences with case and project management competitions, he continually looks for opportunities to engage in his interests of entrepreneurship and presentation-style pitching.

Fourth judge:

Nicolas Pizarro

     Former Windermere Alumni and now SFU Business student, Nicolas started his journey at Windermere through his involvement as the Director of Events at WMG. He also had the chance to be the Director of Human Resources for the WE Club, Chair of Grad Committee and proudly coached the Senior Badminton Team for two years. At SFU, Nicolas is currently a part of Enactus SFU where has recently won the SFU Engagement Competition as part of Enactus SFU for a newly launched program. Just like Tom and TK, he was also in SFU JDC West as an Entrepreneurship delegate.