Currently, the Windermere Marketing Group consists of forty-two management members across four departments: Executive, Marketing, Operations and Finance.


All WMG members have a specific position within their department, in which they are responsible for internal and external initiatives or services in the Windermere and Vancouver community.


Take a look at what our team has been up to over the years with our collection of event photo albums!

Photos include our involvement and volunteer services at several events in Metro Vancouver including our own district wide case study competition, Expanse!



Keiran Hoang

Chief Operations


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As the Chief Operations Officer, Keiran is responsible for managing the Warrior Warehouse and maintaining the Opportunities Catalogue. They ensure productivity within their team to create a welcoming environment while presenting quality products. Even with the unpredictability of the upcoming year, Keiran strives to support and motivate fellow students within WMG and the community to become the growing new leaders of tomorrow. In their spare time, they love creating art and spending time with their friends.

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Chief Marketing


Mandy Chen

Mandy believes that happiness is the product of being authentic with one’s self. As the Chief Marketing Officer, Mandy oversees the marketing and events department. She is responsible for maintaining and finding new and innovative ways that will enhance WMG’s professional image. During these limited times, Mandy looks forward to helping guide students to find their passion while promoting WMG’s vision. Aside from her professional life, you can find Mandy working on her small business.

Chief Executive




As CEO, Ali's responsibility is to manage all aspects of WMG, whilst dedicating himself to the growth of the Windermere Marketing Group. He looks forward to adapting past events which were held off due to COVID such as internal and external case studies. Ali looks forward to creating new opportunities for students, led by students. In his spare time, Ali enjoys reading, playing sports and trying new foods.

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Solomon Wong

Chief Financial


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As the Chief Financial Officer, Solomon is responsible for overseeing the Windermere Marketing Group finances as well as directing and managing the accounting team. The Chief Financial Officer’s main priority is to enhance and flourish the Windermere Marketing Group’s finances. Solomon’s plans for the upcoming year would potentially be starting up a Covid friendly fundraiser that will help promote professionalism while benefiting the community. In his spare time, Solomon enjoys playing video games, especially Counter-Strike Global Offensive.


Matt believes that enjoying high school life is important as time does not come back. As one of the Directors of Events, Matt is responsible for creating events that others will enjoy but will also learn a lot from. For example, improving public speaking skills, stepping out of their comfort zone, and further improving their personal skills that they have wanted to but never got the chance. During Matt’s free time, he loves to socialize with friends and listen to music.




of Events

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As one of the Director of Events, Kenneth is dedicated to increasing school spirit and unity through executing meaningful events. By providing engaging and educational experiences such as events, he hopes that participants cultivate professional and personal skills that will allow them to reach their greatest potential—while also having fun! Kenneth looks forward to forging new friendships, strengthening existing ones, and—with all these friends—creating blissful memories that will last for a lifetime! In his spare time, Kenneth loves to read books.

Kenneth Tan


of Events

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As one of the Directors of Human Resources, Anthony is dedicated to maintaining a productive and connected work environment in WMG. He is responsible to give guidance and prioritize the growth of members in relation to their personal and professional goals. Anthony aspires to provide a purposeful experience for his peers and maintain positivity in the organization throughout the entire year. During his leisure time, Anthony enjoys interacting with friends, exercising, and researching anything that interests or fascinates him.

Anthony Abenes

Director of Human Resources

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As one of the Directors of Human Resources, Anna is responsible for overseeing all managerial positions, encouraging the personal and professional growth of each member, and handling any conflicts within WMG that may arise. She will do this by ensuring that everyone is doing their best while being included and actively involved. Anna looks forward to meeting new people and learning from new experiences. Additionally, she hopes to make long-lasting memories within her school community.



Director of Human Resources

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As the Director of Community Relations, Ruchi represents WMG and builds relationships with external clubs and organizations. She helps spread WMG’s vision, the brand name, and provides an extra hand to the internal and external community. For the upcoming school year, she hopes to provide opportunities for students to participate safely in. In her free time, she enjoys doing makeup, spending time with friends, and going on runs.

Ruchi Sharma

Director of Community Relations

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